Why do some homes in Bethesda sell in days while others don’t sell in 6 months? Home Sellers are demanding answers in the DC metro area. The question of the day is “Will the 2 feet of snow melt in Rock Creek Park before homes being listed today sell?”

Most often homes do not sell because they are priced too high or a lack of marketing by their agent but those are not the only reasons. Please review the following Top 10 Reasons that the Snow May Melt Long Before Your Home sells despite a shortage of homes for sale in some areas.


1. Your home may not sell because you hired Aunt Betty to list their home who works in Real Estate “on the side”

2. Your home may not sell because you hired some out of town agent you saw on TV,

3. Your home may not sell because you didn’t bother to clean, didn’t feel like removing the clutter.

4. Your home may not sell because you did not let buyers in when they wanted to see the home.  Some of those may be committed to making a decision today.

5. Your home may not sell because you chose the agent that gave you the highest value, one way over what any neighbors houses have sold for.

6. Your home may not sell because your agent did not enter a complete listing in MLS, did not put in a realistic description and failed to use plenty of good photos showing off its special features.

7. Your home may not sell because you did not fix anything you should and the screen door still hangs off its hinges

8. Your home may not sell because all those times the pet “did their business” on the carpet are still there,

9. Your home may not sell because “it was too soon” to accept that almost full price offer you got right after listing and here you are 6 months later with no other offers.

10. Your home may not sell because you insist on being home for every showing and then you follow the buyer around as they look at the home.

THE BOTTOM LINE is that there is a Right way and a Wrong Way to buy or sell a home.

The HARD TRUTH is that the BEST way to be prepared to buy or sell a home is by hiring a “GOOD” Agent. One that will guide you through each step of the Buying or Selling process. To the consumers who were successful, they found the secret which I would like to share with you. Free advice can be worth what you paid for it, so when you are ready, do it right.

If you would like a free market analysis of the value of your home, please call the Lise Howe Group at 240-401-5577 or email us at lise@lisehowe.com.  We can help you get your home into market ready condition,  set a realistic price for your property and market it to a wide group of potential buyers.