Face it – the snow is here this weekend – and then it will be here again at some point later this winter. After all – it is winter!  Just as it is important to make lemonade from lemons, it is important to make good sledding memories from blizzards!

My house at River and Wilson backs to a long slope which everyone calls Lees’ Hill (not found on any topographical map).  Lees’ Hill, named for the family who lives at the top of the hill, has hosted generations of sledders, including both my son, Alex, and my daughter, Lise Courtney, and even a few ambitious skiers with strong legs to climb back up the hill.  There is nothing better than a quick run down a nice neighborhood hill – on a sled, a tube, or even a cafeteria tray!

If you aren’t lucky enough to have a great sledding hill in your back yard or you are not sure where to sled, then here is a list to help you out. Hopefully one of these hills is just a short tramp through the snow for you!

Montgomery Co MD Parks has released its list of the best sledding hills for kids and adults to try.

Approved locations for sledding in Montgomery Parks include:

  • Agricultural History Farm (hill is by Bluebird Garden at the lower parking lot near the Activity Center)
  • Avenel Local Park
  • Ayrlawn Local Park
  • Damascus Recreational Park (hillside near tennis court parking lot on Kings Valley Road)
  • Hillmead Neighborhood Park
  • Long Branch-Wayne Local Park (off of University Blvd.)
  • Norwood Local Park
  • Pilgrim Hills Local Park
  • Pinecrest Local Park
  • Sligo Creek Golf Course
  • South Germantown Recreational Park (hill behind Field F and hillside between Mooseum and TennisPlex)
  • Stratton Local Park
  • Tilden Woods Local Park
  • Woodacres Local Park

In case one of these hills is so tantalizing that you want to move near it, just give us a call at the Lise Howe Group at 240-401-5577. We will be snowbound this weekend and waiting for your call!  If you want to share your favorite hill or sledding memory – I would love to hear that too! Don’t forget the hot chocolate too – that may be the best part of a sledding memory!