What does every seller want to hear?

Of course it is — “An offer is coming!”

That’s great news, right??  Except you’re not going to hear me tell you as our seller that we have an offer coming UNTIL I have a copy in my hands.

Why?  Experience on our part and the last thing we want to do is get your hopes up and then say “Oops!  Never mind”.  That’s just about one of the worst things we can do to you!

We see it all the time.  A buyer and agent go through a home.  Ask lots of questions.  Go back again.  “It’s on our short list!”, perhaps followed by “We plan to write an offer tomorrow.”.  And then….. the waiting starts.

We check with the agent just to make sure the email gremlins didn’t munch on the offer.

Nope.  No gremlins.

What happened?

A)  Buyer just changed his/her mind about how much they liked the house.

B)  They hadn’t done their financing checks BEFORE looking at homes and guess what?  They can’t afford what they were looking at!

C)  The REAL decision maker got involved.  Maybe one spouse has been looking without the other and when the significant other looked at the home it was a great big NO WAY.

D)  Your competition won.  Maybe another property came on the market that was a better fit for their needs/budget.

E)  They drove by DURING rush hour and realized just how bad their commute was going to be.

F)  Icy cold, chilly feet.  Sometimes buyers get terrified when its time to actually put pen to paper and commit to buying a home.

Bottom line, we’ve learned not to count our offers before they’re hatched.  Once that offer is written and in hand, THEN we’ll have that conversation with you as our seller and work to turn that offer into an accepted contract.