I just read a blog by another agent which really trashed open houses.  Lyn Sims said in her post that Open Houses are nothing more than Buyer Bait.  According to her, 56% of Realtors say that Open Houses are pointless. She does not have them in her marketing plan.  According to her, Realtors that do Open Houses are just doing them to get more listings or buyers.  In her humble opinion Realtors are not doing Open Houses to benefit their Sellers.

I confess that I like doing Open Houses …. because I believe they work … for the Seller.

According to the NAR, 9% of buyers found their homes at Open Houses or from a yard sign.  Well, if that is the case, then why shouldn’t a Seller want at least an occasional Open House? Nearly one in ten buyers found their home at an Open House and this agent dismisses it out of hand?


Shouldn’t you pick a Realtor who is willing to try many different approaches to marketing your home and finding ways to bring in the buyers to see your home? After all you only need one buyer.  Do you want to shut down an approach that nearly 10% of buyers use to find their new homes because your Realtor doesn’t believe it works?

Maybe it is the Realtor who doesn’t work…..

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