Home Warranty

Not all of anything are “created equally.”  And….so it goes with Home Warranties.  There are agents who will tell you “they don’t cover anything.”  These are the agents, to our mind who have not researched the policies that are available to them in their markets. Different companies have different conditions and benefits.

   This year, as we do every year…we reviewed the policies available…coverage, prices, etc. change from year to year.  We always have a home warranty on our own house.  

Home warranty

The “fairy tale” about home warranties is that they can only be purchased when you are buying or selling a house.  THAT IS ABSOLUTELY NOT THE CASE!  What IS true is that if….your refrigerator died, the furnace went out and the water is leaving puddles…those are “known defects” and will not be covered.  If there are problems immediately after purchasing a new home, the warranty company may ask for a copy of the inspection report.    The home warranty company may pro-rate some of the items. 

The seller may be offering a home warranty as part of the sales contract. Review the coverage offered by that home warranty carefully. There may be optional items that you would like covered that are not included in the coverage offered by the policy that may be offered by the Seller(s). Ask whether you can add additional coverage – either at the seller’s expense or yours. Make sure the hot tub, the extra refrigerator, or the pool are covered.

 A  home warranty premium is a small price to pay for a new appliance…or major repair. If you are a Buyer or Seller…ask your agent to do her/his homework on the available plans…it is their job.

       If you are a consumer and looking for information about home warranties offered in the DC Metro area, call the Lise Howe Group at 240-401-5577 and we will be happy to discuss the options available. This is not a comnissionable item…it is a highly recommended item and one we will gladly introduce you to by calling us or emailing us at lise@lisehowe.com.

      This has been a real estate service post brought to you by the Lise Howe Group with Keller Williams Capital Properties. We are licensed in DC, Maryland and Virginia and we look forward to being of service to you, helping you with all your real estate needs.