Tips for Selling Your Home While on  Summer Vacation

When going on vacation

Check this list of 12 Tips for Selling Your Home While on Summer Vacation to make sure all is in order.

  1. Tell your agent when you will be gone and how to get in touch with you.  If you are somewhere without consistent phone access, make sure to check your email frequently.
  2. If you will be out of touch or without Internet a few days, make a plan to check in on certain dates and times.
  3. Give your agent a phone number for a family member or friend that will know how to get in touch with you.
  4. Make plans to have your plants or flowers watered, There are services for this.
  5. Contact a mowing service and keep your yard looking manicured.
  6. Stop your mail delivery while away,
  7. Put some interior lights on timers so it will look like you are at home.
  8. Leave your home clean and showing its best.
  9. Flush all toilets, remove all trash and make sure no dirty clothes are left in a washer or hamper. Wash (and dry) the dirty dishes before you go.
  10. Of course, if you are leaving pets at home, make sure you have a pet attendant watching out of them and keeping their space neat and clean. Pet should not be present for showings.  Make sure your agent knows how to reach the pet attendant to notify him or her of pending showings.
  11. Don’t publish on social media that you will be gone. Save those photos for posting when you return.
  12. Leave your home’s temperature comfortable for showings.

The home selling will continue and with a little good luck and planning, your home will sell while you are away.

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