The great thing about my poodle is that he doesn’t shed and he doesn’t irritate anyone’s dander allergies. But he does need a trim periodically.  I have started using Bark In Style, which comes to the house and gives Poirot a trim in a van right in the driveway.  This makes him happier than going to a doggie salon which can take a full day for a grooming.  When we used to go to a salon for a wash and trim, he was a seventy pound mass of quivering poodle trying to climb into my lap to hide who had to be carried into the grooming area. He didn’t like being left and I am sure that he didn’t like the big blow dryers that they used.  Now he is an agreeable pup who walks out to the van and trustingly hops up on the grooming table without encouragement!

Poirot Getting Groomed

The owners of Bark in Style started the company over ten years ago with a simple goal in mind: to provide a quick and reliable way for pets to be groomed. They dreaded the idea of leaving their beloved beagle, Sammy, in a shop an entire day and decided to create a better alternative.  I can empathize with that goal! 

Today, Bark In Style is one of the largest mobile pet grooming companies on the East Coast. Their goal is to be able to groom your pet as soon as possible and as quickly as the process will allow.  Some other benefits to having them come to you are – your dog isn’t exposed to other dogs.  No worries about kennel cough or aggressive dogs.  My neighbor’s dog gets carsick whenever she goes in the car.  Clearly having the groomer come to you is a huge plus if you have a carsick prone dog!  They work on your schedule! 

Here is a sample grooming package

Bath, Brush & Tidy Up grooming package includes:

  • Nail clipping or grinding (whichever the pet prefers).

  • State of the Art Super-Sudser Bath (includes any type of shampoo requested by the client such as oatmeal, medicated, hypo-allergenic, etc).

  • High Velocity & Fluff Hand Drying (unlike most grooming shops they do not use cage drying).

  • Ear cleaning (ear plucking can also be performed when requested).

  • Trim Sanitary area (when requested).

  • Tidy up paws (they clip the hair around and in between the paws for a more comfortable/cleaner look).

  • Minor trim around the face/head/bangs (if needed).

Bark in Style will come to you if you live in Rockville, Bethesda, Potomac. North Potomac, Kensington, Upper NW DC(West of Rock Creek Park and North of M st NW), and Silver Spring (West of Georgia Ave and South of Norbeck Rd).

Bark in Style will also groom cats – a whole story in and of itself – and it will pick  up your dog and take him or her to a doggie play group at a local dog park.

I hope you find this post useful.  I love my poodle and I want to make sure that every other dog gets the same loving care that I want for Poirot.  If you are relocating to Bethesda and need help finding a new home – whether it is a condo that loves dogs and cats as we do – or a home with a yard, please give me a call at 240-401-5577 or email me at  If you need more pet information please let me know.