Staging FAQ’s- Why do I need to stage my home when homes are selling?


1.Staging isn’t just about moving stuff around or knocking out walls. Staging is much more.


It’s about helping your buyers see all of the possibilities of your house.

That may mean editing some of your treasures or it may mean suggesting a paint color that will appeal to a broad range of buyers.

Deferred maintenance projects, lack of updates and general lack of maintenance stand out to a buyer. Their focus goes from “
I can see us living here” to “We’re going to have to spend a lot to fix this.”Staging is also about making sure that
distractions and detractions are addressed.

2.Regardless of the market, condition affects the perceived value of a property.

The condition- real or perceived- of a property affects the willingness of a buyer to commit to it.   And, once committed, the Buyer will weigh the value with the price.

And to maximize your investment, give them a reason to offer you the amount you want.  Show them the value!