You have found the home of your dreams — or have you? Should you keep looking just because…..  Have you seen enough homes to feel comfortable with your decision? How many homes should you see?

There’s no magic number, yet I hear this question often from my buyer clients. How many homes should I see before buying?

Some of us know it is the one when we see it, some will sleep on the one only to let it slip away to another lucky buyer and some will look for months before they choose – or settle. Every buyer is looking for that perfect one? The one that has all the bells and whistles, the one that’s located in the area we want to be in, offered at an incredible price, deal of the century. Does that house even exist?

In reality, there is no required number of homes to see. I’ve had clients who bought the first house they saw, some had to see five or seven and some needed to look at homes for months and months. (That is how I had one client go into labor in my car and another use my name as part of their daughter’s name!)

Some people need to see lots of homes while others are okay with making a decision after seeing only a few houses.  Part of it is reflective of your personality. Are you someone who needs lots of data or someone who likes to go with your gut instinct. It certainly helps to be working with an agent who gets your style! That way you do not feel pressured to make a decision before you are ready to do so.

Regardless of your decision making style, it helps to remember that you have probably done a lot of research on homes before you stepped foot into the first one you actually looked at. With all the information available to buyers, you probably started your search online a few months ago.

Hopefully, you have decided what type of neighborhood you want. Close to metro, close to major highways, near shopping, urban, suburban are all factors to consider when you choose the neighborhood. A local, knowledgeable Realtor can help you identify the specific neighborhood for you. Let your Realtor know what your lifestyle is so that they could assist you better.

Hopefully you have also narrowed down your price range. If you’re planning on financing your home, speak with a lender so you know how much home you can afford. Some buyers think they can offer significantly lower than list price and sellers will accept their offer, but this may not be the case in a spring market. Be realistic.

Have confidence in all the leg work you have already done. When you start looking, you may fall in love with the first home you see. Don’t be afraid to make the decision- and don’t let it get away while you’re searching for the perfect one or the great deal. Recognize the signs of that first love!  Have confidence in yourself!