Selling your home in Bethesda can require certain investments. Repairs and appliance replacement are an example of costs necessary to sell a home, but what about paint? There are differing opinions on whether repainting is worth the cost, but we believe it’s one of the most valuable expenditures you can make before marketing your home.  A fresh coat of paint is an investment in your property that will definitely pay off.  Remember that with all the choices out there on the Internet, buyers are looking for a reason to eliminate your property.  Don’t give it to them with dirty walls or outlandish paint colors.

Make an Incredible First Impression

paint2First impressions matter.  The smell of a fresh coat of paint acts on the buyer’s brain like the new car smell acts on someone looking for a mini-van. That first impression as the buyers walk into the property will stick with them. Make it a good impression! A new coat of paint in each room with professional trim will leave the buyer feeling great about your home.

Dingy paint jobs and finger prints on the doors and light switches give the impression that the home is not as clean as it could be and raise questions of  its overall condition. A fresh coat of paint will make the house look clean and livable.

Boost Curb Appeal with a Freshly Painted Exteriorpaint3

With the advancement of technology, people are accustomed to seeing dozens of pictures online before they have to see something in person.  Your first showing is the showing on line.  The second showing comes when the buyers walk up to your front door. A fresh coat of paint on the exterior of the house will make it look newer, well-maintained and more inviting.  Remember, the showing agent will be fumbling with the lock box and the front door key.  The buyer will be casting a critical eye over your home and spotting all the defects.  Don’t let them find a cracked and flaking front door or shutter on which to fixate.

Stick With Neutral Colors and Let the Buyer’s Personality Shine Through

paint4Many people express their creativity at home through bright or dramatic paint jobs. While this may be beautiful it may not encourage the buyers to visualize themselves in the home.  My dining room is deep red and I love it — but I know that when I sell my house it will have to be repainted.  You are now selling a commodity, not your home – so you have to prepare it for sale – as painful as that is!

The goal should be for the buyer to walk around the home and imagine how they will live in the space. Neutral paint is the best way to help buyers picture how the home would look in their preferred colors.

Don’t worry about whether if you choose gray the buyer will want white.  Just pick a good neutral and low key color, repair any damage to the walls or flaking paint, and move ahead.  Even if the buyer wants to change the color later to a more personalized tone, the buyer will appreciate moving into a clean property with the walls in good condition!

If you have questions about the right color to choose or where to find a reputable painter, please give the Lise Howe Group a call at 240-401-5577.