Cork and Fork in Bethesda Maryland – a great addition to Bethesda Row and downtown Bethesda

 Cork and Fork is an engaging store on Bethesda Row, owned by Dominique and Anna Landragin, French natives born into winemaking families! ​The Bethesda store is located at 7110 Bethesda Lane, close to Blue Mercury, the Le Creuset Store, and Upstairs at Bethesda Row. ​ It is definitely part of what makes living in a condo in downtown Bethesda so popular!

Dominique’s family wine making history dates back to 1772 when his great-great-grandfather first made champagne. Following the family tradition his grandfather managed Champagne Veuve Clicquot vineyards and his father managed Champagne Heidsieck vineyards.

​Dominique studied viticulture and oenology at Beaune Agricultural College, Burgundy. He began his career as manager for Champagne Lanson vineyards, and later at Champagne Deutz in Epernay. His dream of winemaking in the New World took his young family to Australia where for 14 years Dominique produced some excellent sparkling wines.

Every Saturday from 2 to 5 Cork and Fork offers a wine tasting, designed to start off your Saturday night with a smile – and some very good wine!

In February, Cork and Fork is hosting a series of wine tastings designed to share with the Valentine in your life!

Saturday, January 23rd — Flirtatious Phase

Featuring: Whites and Still Rose Wines. According to Cork and Fork, these flirty whites and roses are sure to intrigue your interest with their varying styles and fun-loving characteristics. From vibrant, racy unoaked whites, to structured, thoughtful roses, to round, joyful oak-treated whites, you are sure to find the right bottle to start off a night of flirtatious fun.  Any wine that is described as flirty has my attention!


Saturday, January 30th — Romantic Phase

Featuring: Light – Medium Bodied Reds. The charm of lighter bodied reds is delicate and whimsical, accented with a certain elegant romance. The perfect selection for this tasting, to fairly represent the broad spectrum of light to medium bodied reds, must include at least one fine cru beaujolais, followed by a pinot noir counter part, perhaps an Oregon pinot meunier, and others of choice to round out the tasting experience. Cork and Fork describes this as a tasting experience that is classy, sophisticated, and most importantly, pleasing to your palate.


Saturday, February 6th — Emboldened Phase

With the timid tranquility of the romantic phase behind us, Cork and Fork promises a venture into a new world of bold, full-bodied reds, a world where there are no limits to how oaked, how alcoholic, how fruity, or how smooth a red can be. This is truly cloud nine for wine lovers drawn to the heavier styled reds. During this tasting, Cork and Fork will bring forward wines that have within them the ‘new world touch’. Don’t mistake them for crude, for they are quite balanced, their characteristics coming together in what is not enough seen in the wine world, and that is, perfect harmony.

Saturday, February 13th — Celebratory Phase

Featuring: Champagnes, Sparkling Wines, and Ports. Every day is a day to celebrate, and this Saturday in particular is one during which Cork and Fork will pop open the bubblies and bring forth the ports in honor of the final part in this series.