Bethesda is filled with lots of restaurants that offer full lunches with tableclothes, waiters and big checks, but sometimes your work schedule doesn’t allow time for a leisurely lunch.  Sometimes you have to grab lunch and head straight back to work. If you are like I am, you are tired of the same old lunch food. Subway and McDonald’s have their place, but there has to be more to life than the chain restaurants – even the healthy ones!  They get boring day after day.

If you are tired of the same old food at lunch and looking for a change, then you should head over toBold Bite in Bethesda, MD at 4901 Fairmont Avenue, just two short blocks to the Bethesda metro.  Bold Bite is known for its great half smoke sausages,  with intriguing names like the DC Naked with its choice of onions, relish, sauerkraut, ketchup, mustard and mayonaise or the DC Classic with chili, onions and spicy mustard.

Bold Bite Menu

If you are not a lover of hot dogs or half smokes, you might prefer a hamburger like the BLT burger with bacon, lettuce, tomato and aioli with a fried egg over easy.  That is delicious!  If you aren’t a red meat eater, Bold Bite has you covered! Chicken sandwiches like the Asian BBQ with its ginger slaw, Asian barbecue sauce and sesame seeds or the Greek sandwich with feta cheese, yogurt mint sauce, and lettuce, tomato and onion wll definitely keep the blahs away at lunch time.

The salads keep my daughter happy. She will go a long way for a kale caesar salad and Bold Bite has a delicious one with quinoa and parmesan.  If you aren’t feeling like a kale caesar salad, you can still get your dark greens with the quinoa date salad, that includes kale, Parmesan, quinoa and dates, almonds, carrots and cinnamon with a honey lemon dressing. Honestly, I feel healthier just thinking about the salads at Bold Bite!

Here is my real favorite though – the Belgian style french fries are fantastic!  No wonder they were named one of the ten best in all of Washington by City Eats DC – and the dips are amazing.  Try the aioli and be sure to go with a friend who likes french fries and will order another dip, like the Chesapeake sauce!

Bold Bite is owned by Alonso Roche and his wife, Maria. It is a small but growing eatery in Bethesda withthe Roches, owners of Bold Biteanother location in the food court at Union Station. Bold Bite is a place worth checking out and supporting, because individually owned restaurants are a wonderful treat and really define the personality of a community.  Bethesda has lots of distinctive restaurants and small shops, which give Bethesda our individualistic character.

If you are hungry and in Bethesda, make a straight line for Bold Bite!  Then let me know if you think it is as good as I do!

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