real estate concept with US dollars and mini house, shallow dofHome Staging is Not Decorating

There’s still a lot of confusion about the difference between home staging and decorating. Home staging is not decorating.

Not completely, that is. There is an aspect of decorating that goes into home staging but that’s not what the term means. You don’t decorate your home to sell it. Why impose your decorating choices on the buyer?
Home Staging is Not Decorating

Home staging is about preparing your home for sale, making a great first impression. During a home staging consultation, the stager is not decorating a home. A good stager looks at each room and identifies any negatives that a buyer will see. Then the stager comes up with solutions to fix them.

Home stagers assess the furniture. Is it too big, making the room appear smaller than it is? Could a different layout work better? How do the rooms flow together? Will the color of the furniture fabric be a distraction to buyers?

The stager also will assess the paint color and its condition. Bold colors could turn off a potential buyer. Worn and discolored paint just screams “this house needs fixing!”

The stager should give you advice on how to improve the overall basic condition of the home. Does it need landscaping? Cleaning? Repair?

Don’t be surprised when the home stager looks at how much stuff you have and either tells you to box it up or use it in another way in another part of the home.

Home staging goes far beyond just decorating. It’s about taking into consideration all aspects of the home. Cleaning, painting, layouts, repair and some DIY fixes. But home staging is not decorating. It’s preparing your home for sale and doing what’s best to make that great first impression.

Book your home staging consultation today and prepare your home for a shorter time on the market. If you don’t have a home stager to call, please give the Lise Howe Group a call at 240-401-5577. We are committed to selling homes in Bethesda and the wider DC metro area for top dollar in the shortest time possible. Staging your home is an important part of that service!