BethesdarowmovietheaterI have written about my favorite movie theaters in Washington, DC – but my hometown of Bethesda MD has a great movie theater too. In downtown Bethesda is the Bethesda Row Cinema – owned by the Landmark Theater chain. Unlike the other movie theaters in Bethesda, the Bethesda Row Cinema specializes in showing the independent films rather than the noisy and big blockbuster films. I have noticed that the people at the movies on any given evening are generally in my age range – although teens and Millenniums are not unknown!

What sets the Bethesda Row Cinema apart from other local theaters is the lounge – The Bethesda Row Cinema’s new bar prides itself on an expansive selection of unique, sophisticated beverages. They offer a menu of local and micro-brewed beers, supplemented by an eclectic selection of other domestic and international brews. In addition to top-quality beers and spirits, the our wine menu has been hand-selected to complement the cosmopolitan nature of the independent and foreign films we play. Remember, our beers, wines and liquors can be appreciated at the bar and brought into the auditorium to enjoy while your film is being shown. Yum! Foods are not forgotten either. The menu goes beyond popcorn and gummy bears to include cheese plates and crab cakes!

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