Advice to Couples Buying Their First Home, One Step At a Time

Your experience as a first time home buyer is absolutely unique to you and it can be smooth or scary depending on your attitude. Having said that, since I have sold lots of homes to first time home buyers, I have seen some patterns and consistencies that are true for couples like you. Knowing what to expect helps make the whole process more fun and less unsure.

You Need An Agent You Can Trust

First step, find an agent you can trust. Any agent that has worked with first-time buyers knows you have to take it slow and easy. The agent needs to fully understand what your wants and needs are and help you set realistic expectations based on your market.  If you feel like your agent is rushing you into making a decision, tell him or her.  Rushing you into making decisions doesn’t do anything but make you more anxious and question whether this is such a good idea. If your agent doesn’t slow down and respect your buying style, you might look for a new agent. Remember, choice of agent matters. This step sets the stage for the entire home buying process.

You Will Be Nervous and Excited Too

Yes, you don’t want to mess up and you don’t know what you don’t know. You may be a little scared and untrusting. You have saved, been planning, now have the vision and are ready to take the big step. Becoming a homeowner is exciting but it is a little scary too. Take it one step at a time.

Have All Your Questions Answered

A face-to-face meeting with first-time home buyers helps the couple buying their first home to know the steps and how the home search will proceed. Listening, clarifying and assessing reactions helps the agent gauge how to navigate in finding the right first home for the couple. If you don’t understand, say so. This is the time to get full understanding. Do not rush through this step.

Listen to Your Agent

The advice your agent gives you is to help you not hurt you. Listen and take it in. You agent is your advocate and knows the real estate business. Advice from friends and family can confuse you. Trust your agent. First thing, you will need to get pre-qualified with a lender and your agent will likely recommend a couple of lenders that are known for doing good work. Tell your agent what’s on your mind. Give feedback so your agent can help you zero in on the right home for you. Communication is the step that makes it all go smoothly.

You Should Never Be Made to Feel Stupid

Some of the questions that couples buying their first home have need to be answered several times. As an agent with many years experience I recognize this is my business, I know it and deal with it every day. But couples buying their first home are new to the process and the terminology. The impact of this big financial step may be confusing. Keep asking until you fully understand and remember there are no stupid questions. Ask it once, ask it twice, but make sure you understand and are comfortable.

Once You Have Found the House and Are Under Contract 

You may get buyer’s remorse or cold feet. Don’t worry, you are not alone. Many buyers feel this way. Let your agent take the lead and you will begin to feel the excitement again. First up will be the all important home inspection. Do not skip this step. Your agent will help you with scheduling and working out repair issues.

Cooperate Fully with Your Lender

It’s time to step it up. There is work to be done to get your loan approved. Be prompt in getting your loan paperwork completed. Do not do anything that would affect your ability to qualify for the loan such as change jobs, take on more debt or borrow money, add large sums of money to your bank account or fail to keep your monthly debt obligations current. Even getting married or divorced can throw a hiccup into your qualification. Be open and honest with your lender. He is working for you getting the appraisal ordered, title checked and cleared and pulling the pieces of the loan puzzle together to get you the loan.

When You Are Fully Approved

This is when it gets really exciting. The closing is the last step and soon you will be moving into your new home. You will want to do a walk through before the closing just to make sure everything in the home is as it should be. This is just smart. Then when you have closed and have keys in hand the final step is to move in. Happy Moving!

Couple buying their first homeAdvice to Couples Buying Their First Home, One Step At a Time.You are not the first couple that has taken this step but you should be treated like you are. Taking it slow and easy one step at a time helps make the home buying process an exciting time for couples and before you know it you will be moving into your first home.