Make sure that you have great pictures of your home when you put it on line. Many buyers will skip a listing if the photos violate these simple rules!

And remember – when a buyer comes to see your home in person, that is really the second showing. The first one already occurred when they looked at your home on the Internet.

No NO #1: The SINGLE Listing Photo.

 The number one way to stop buyers dead in their clicks is by posting only one or no listing photo.

Serious buyers are looking at lots of properties on line. They are actually looking for reasons to reject a property and move on to the next one – to cull out a few properties from the twenty to one hundred which seem to meet their needs. Good photos help them imagine whether this is “their house.” The more photos you have online the more time a prospect will spend viewing and connecting with your listing.


If online buyers are skipping your listing, it might be because you’re not showing the right areas.  Buyers want to see

  • Bathrooms
  • Closets
  • Kitchens
  • Outdoor living spaces
  • Unique add-ons like hot tubs, special appliances, or wiring for an entertainment system

Remember, you are not selling your furniture (at least not now). Buyers don’t really want to see photos that focus on your grandmother’s prized pianoforte. They want to see the room it is in – the light, the doorways, the floors.  Emphasize the room, not furniture!

No NO #3: Amateur lighting mistakes.

Your online listing photos are your shot at making your home look like a dream home. When photos are gray, grainy, or make your home look like a dreary prison cell, you’re ruining your only chance at a first impression.

Here are a few quick tips for using light to make buyers click “Contact an Agent”:

  • When shooting outside, make sure the sun is behind you. The light will act as your own natural “studio light” brightening up the property.
  • Make your photos look cheerful; show off natural light inside by shooting on a sunny day.
  • If your listing doesn’t have windows or natural light, bring your own “sunlight.” Investing in household lamps (or toting a few in from your office) can go a long way toward producing better photos by brightening things up.

NO NO #4: The clutter monster.

When it comes to listing photos, clutter is probably the worst no no. When buyers look online, they want to see the property – not your decorating taste. Remember that clutter makes the rooms look smaller and the buyers wonder if you have maintained your home – or even cleaned it!

Here are a few easy staging adjustments you can make right before you shoot pictures to make for better photos:

  • Remove cars from the driveway or garage
  • Completely clear off any table and counter spaces
  • Clear out the corners before you shoot a room

At the Lise Howe Group of Keller Williams Capital Properties, we always hire a professional photographer, and we are glad to recommend one to you – or to arrange for the photos, marketing, and everything else that goes with selling a home.  If the DIY approach sounds like too much work, just call us at 240-401-5577 or 301-251-1221 and lets talk about getting your home sold.