What You Should and Shouldn’t Do

We all understand the stress associated with move day,  as your belongings are being loaded onto a truck and hauled away.  It is important to hire a mover that you trust, because you have to rely on teamwork, not only between the workers on the moving crews, but also with the moving company itself to ensure an excellent move experience. Here are a few things you should do and shouldn’t do during the move.
What You Should Do

    • Try to reserve the move dates as far in advance as possible.
    • Be present for the loading and unloading of your belongings.
    • Give the crew a tour of the house, so they understand what goes and what stays.
    • Voice any questions or concerns you have to the driver or crew leader.
    • Moving with kids can be tricky. The best suggestion for small children is to set them up for a play date at a friend’s house. But if they are at home, it may be a perfect time for a DVD or some video games. Don’t joke about moving and not leaving a forward address! Your little ones will believe you!
    • If you haven’t boarded your pets, consider confining them in an empty room to keep them safely away from the action.  I really advise boarding Fido and Puss though. I love my pets and would not want them to be stressed by the noise and confusion. They will know something is up!
    • Make sure you keep that special moving box of items for your first day in your new home separate from everything else so that you know where it is! 
    • Grab a book, Kindle, or iPad – sit down and relax.
    • Arrange for a cleaning service to come after the movers leave.  It will make the walk through go much more smoothly. 

What You Shouldn’t Do

    • If selling a home, do not plan for/request move out on the day that you plan on leaving town. Even scheduled moves can end up taking more time to complete due to a variety of factors.
  • Do not have your household goods delivered on the same day as you are closing on a new home.
    • Don’t run errands or leave the house – for an efficient pack and load, the crew will need quick answers to any questions that arise.
  • Try not to be working in the same room, halls, or walkways as the crew.

Thanks to Dennis Bell of JK Moving for these helpful suggestions!