by Lise Howe, Associate Broker, Keller Williams Capital Properties 240-401-5577

About Lise Howe and the Lise Howe Group

After 29 years in real estate, I want to share my value proposition so that it is there for review and evaluation by future clients and colleagues.

I became a full time Realtor after practicing for many years in the Federal Government.  I negotiated international agreements for the Department of Energy, meeting with my counterparts from the European Union, Russia, Japan, China and Korea.  We travelled around the globe for meetings, which allowed me to immerse myself in a multitude of cultures.  When I left the practice of law for real estate, it was an easy transition because I appreciate the complexities and pitfalls of the real estate contract. The lawyer in me always approaches each negotiation determined to deliver a win for my client and to bullet proof the resulting transaction, always protecting my client.

Real estate transactions are increasingly complex, and a buyer or seller faces significant liability with a sloppy contract.   My biggest values are in protecting my client from anxiety, litigation and loss.

The second aspect of my value propostion is expert marketing.  The best property in the world has little value if there isn’t a buyer for it.  It brings much more value to the seller if there are competing buyers for it – and the best way to do that is to market the property professionally but creatively, targeting likely buyers wherever they may be.  This may be through print media, social media, or the Internet in general.  I have learned so much through the last few years, which I have been able to turn into great marketing for my clients.  Always curious and desirous of improvement, I am aware of the newest marketing techniques because I constantly seek out best practices so that I can bring them to the DC metro market for my clients.  I embrace the new technologies because I know they make me a better Realtor for my clients. Even though I have been a Realtor for 29 years now, I embrace the new directions that the real estate industry takes with the enthusiasm and energy of a new agent.

The final part of my value proposition is my experience.  After 29 years in real estate, beginning with a significant market correction in 1989, I have seen every type of market.  I have had many different clients, each with their own personal style and set of hiccups along the way to the closing table.  After all those transactions and hurdles, the bumps in the transaction do not rattle me.  I have probably already worked through most issues  before that come up in a typical transaction and I know that with a little bit of work now, we will get to the closing table.  That ability to think outside the box when necessary is useful to my clients and the other side of the transaction.  Staying focused on the goal of closing and keeping everyone calm and confident is a very useful quality to have and appreciated by clients who know that I will take care of them and make their interests primary.